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Jun17How Regulators Can Target Excessive Fee Situations
by Louis S. Harvey, CEO Dalbar, Inc. on Jun 17, 2012

So you think you are safe, think again! Almost completely lost in the frantic effort to comply with the July 1 and August 30 deadlines for fee disclosure is the regulatory objective of lowering fees by $14.9 billion. The stated goal is to curb ex...
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Jul02I got my 401(k) fee disclosures so what do I do now?
by Louis S. Harvey, CEO Dalbar, Inc. on Jul 02, 2012

Plan sponsors have been told that they must now establish that the price their plan pays is lower that the average. While this might seem reasonable at first glance, it is not only unreasonable but insane. The idea of all plans being priced below av...
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Jul12Being Reasonable: The Essence of 408(b)(2)
by Louis S. Harvey, CEO Dalbar, Inc. on Jul 12, 2012

ERISA requires that services that are paid for by plan participants are reasonable. The responsible plan fiduciary (typically the plan sponsor) must establish the reasonableness of these services as an essential part of fiduciary responsibility. In...
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Jul24No More Excuses –Reacting to Unreasonable Disclosures
by Louis S. Harvey, CEO Dalbar, Inc. on Jul 24, 2012

Plan sponsors escaped regulatory headaches because there was no regulation that required service providers to explain their fees... but all that has changed!
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Aug14What am I paying for my 401(k)?
by Louis S. Harvey, CEO Dalbar, Inc. on Aug 14, 2012

  The expectation is being set every day as the press promises readers that they will soon know the answer. Is it $100? or is to $1,000? or is it more? Participants who expect an answer when fee disclosure regulations become effective on Au...
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Sep24What will actually happen to 408(b)(2) violators?
by Louis S. Harvey, CEO Dalbar, Inc. on Sep 24, 2012

Covered Service Providers have taken a variety of shortcuts that are clear violations of 408(b)(2)... Does it matter? The most frequent violation is discussed here.
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Oct23Creating Confusion through Fiduciary Status
by Louis S. Harvey, CEO Dalbar, Inc. on Oct 23, 2012

ERISA 408(b)(2) simply requires service providers to say if they are acting in a fiduciary capacity but we have found that the service providers have added a profound level of complexity to this seemingly simple question. One can only imagine what t...
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Nov07Disclosure Transparency Deadline Looms
by Louis S. Harvey, CEO Dalbar, Inc. on Nov 07, 2012

  An overwhelming array of service providers have taken advantage of the offer for a free transparency analysis of their 408(b)(2) plan disclosure. They report that they found valuable insights in both the strengths and weaknesses identified i...
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Dec18Win, Win, Win ... A Better 401(k) Plan
by Louis S. Harvey, CEO Dalbar, Inc. on Dec 18, 2012

Can regulation or lower fees or higher fees or riskier investments or lower risk produce better plans? Perhaps not, we need action that benefits everyone.
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Jun03Who Needs Uncle Sam?
by Louis S. Harvey, CEO Dalbar, Inc. on Jun 03, 2013

Most proposals to solve the retirement crisis involves massive intervention by the Federal Government. But this is neither practical or necessary. The Government debt has crippled its ability to fund tax incentives... and data proves that tax incent...
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