408(b)(2) Plan Sponsor Solutions: Responsibilities and Solutions to Comply with New Regulations Webinar

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A. 408(b)(2) Plan Sponsor Requirements
B. What is the most critical aspect of the 408(b)(2) regulation?
C. How does 408(b)(2) differ from other disclosure regulations?
D. Can a plan sponsor rely on the service providers to comply with 408(b)(2)?
E. What will the DoL be looking for in a prudent process?
F. How does 408(b)(2) affect plan participants?
G. What can I do about all this?
H. Appendix: Details of the Prudent Process

Instant Impact: How to Measure and Mitigate Risks Triggered by the New 401(k) Fee Disclosure Rules

July 13th, 2:00 PM ET

Is your company a target for new Department of Labor (DoL) regulations aimed at eliminating excessive 401(k) fees? Find out if your fees are considered "excessive" as defined by the DoL, how the new fee disclosure rules could affect your earnings, why you may be at risk of reimbursing every one of your employees that participate in the company's 401(k) plan, and how to protect your company from these new exposures.

Learn to estimate, then mitigate, your company's financial exposure to the new 401(k) fee disclosure regulations during this Instant Impact Webcast from CFO Learning and Dalbar, Inc. This Webcast will outline what's at stake and why a failure to understand the ramifications of the regulations could mean a nasty surprise for your company's earnings.

Join expert Lou Harvey of Dalbar Inc., as he walks webcast participants through the potential financial impact of retroactively reimbursing excessive 401(k) fees, and provides a blueprint for how to measure and mitigating risks.

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