CSP Determinator

The abbreviation CSP refers to Covered Service Provider which is a term used in the ERISA regulation to describe record keepers, investment managers, advisors, TPAs and others who provide services to employer sponsored retirement plans.
The CSP Determinator is intended to assist plan sponsors and service providers to determine if a specific arrangement or type of arrangement is covered under the 408(b)(2) fee disclosure regulation. If the arrangement is Covered then the service provider is required to make conforming disclosures to that plan sponsor or type of plan sponsor.
Plan sponsors use the CSP Determinator to determine which of their service providers are required to provide conforming fee disclosures. Service providers and advisors use the tool to assess their own need to issue a conforming disclosure as well as to support their clients evaluations.
The CSP Determinator will ask a series of yes and no questions. Each question offers details that reference applicable section of the ERISA regulation. The questionnaire relies on the final regulation of ERISA 408(b)(2), issued on February 2, 2012.
After answering a few questions, the CSP Determinator will inform the user if the  Candidate is a CSP or not. A report is then issued that documents the basis for     the determination. It is expected that this report will be reviewed and used as a preliminary step in complying with the regulation.
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