CSP Determinator
The CSP Determinator is intended to assist plan sponsors and service providers to determine if a specific arrangement or type of arrangement is covered under the 408(b)(2) fee disclosure regulation.

Exposure Risk Calculator
Federal government regulations now require Plan Sponsors to actively monitor and evaluate the reasonableness of their employees’ retirement plans based on specific guidelines. Failure to comply subjects Plan Sponsors to severe fines, taxes and penalties. The Exposure Risk Calculator makes a stark presentation of the risks and money involved with non-compliance.

408(b)(2) Readiness Assessment
A worksheet that summarizes requirements for services provider disclosures to plan sponsors (free). Download the worksheet.

Request for Information
Have you received 408(b)(2) disclosure(s) from a covered service provider associated with your organization’s retirement plan that is incomplete or incomprehensible? Or you are waiting to receive the disclosure(s)?

Dalbar has created a Request for Information Document that you can use to obtain the information that is required. This information will become part of a prudent process to determine that the services are in compliance with the ERISA 408(b)(2) regulations.

Once this information is received you must evaluate whether your plan services are necessary, reasonable and that the cost of these services are reasonable. If necessary, please contact Dalbar to find a qualified Fee Disclosure Expert or complete the profile at the Fee Disclosure Profile site to have an evaluation performed for you. Download the document.


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